Feedback begins to come in…

We know that many of you are reading the book and want to wait until you’ve finished it before commenting or reviewing it in detail. This means that we haven’t yet seen any Amazon reviews or published book reviews. We know this will change, but in the meantime, it’s been lovely to hear from people with short comments over Twitter, Linked-In, e-mail or comments.

Here are a few from Twitter:

Business Analysis and Leadership edited by @PennyPullan and @JamesArchers. Loving it. There is a queue to get my copy (from Claire O’Rourke in New Zealand @wildwaiiti )

Just starting to dig into your new book. Lots of great concepts so far! (from Laura Brandenburg @LLBrandenburg )

Has a good range of topics, will be good reading for my commute. (from Brian Simpson @Rubicante )

As far as exciting books go, this might take the BA biscuit! Very excited about this… (from Georgianna Mannion @ProcessInColour )

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