About the Authors

This book embodies the friendly and collaborative nature of the business analysis community. Nearly thirty people have worked together to make it the book it is today.

This section lets you know a bit more about the two editors, Penny Pullan and James Archer. You can find out more about all the co-authors., including our illustrator Vanessa Randle, who created most of the pictures in the book some of which you can see on this page.
Structure of the book

Who wrote which chapters?


Part I: Leadership of self

Introduction to 1
01 Skills for business analysis James Archer and Kate Stuart-Cox
02 The courage to ask John Niland
03 The business analyst as facilitative leader James Archer
04 Communication for success Corrine Thomas
Opinion piece: Are you waiting to be anointed? Joseph da Silva

Part II: Leadership within your project

Introduction to Part II
05 Working with the project manager Suzanne Robertson
06 Dealing with difficult stakeholders Michael Brown
07 Facilitating groups and individuals Penny Pullan
08 Discovering the essence of the problem James Robertson
09 Dealing with problems Andy Wilkins
10 Visual thinking for business analysis Penny Pullan and Vanessa Randle
11 Through the stage door: design thinking to refresh business analysis Tamsin Fulton
12 Business analysis, leadership and agile Chris Matts and Kent J McDOnald
13 The iterative business analyst – increasing insight, reducing waste, delivering value Melanie Rose
Opinion piece: The first shoots of creativity David Baskerville
political range

Part III: Leadership within your organization

Introduction to Part III
16 Operating effectively as a business analyst within an organization Simon Edwards
17 Context, climate and culture Andy Wilkins and Kate Stuart-Cox
18 Global working and virtual teams Penny Pullan
19 Systems thinking for business analysts leading change Emma Langman
20 Dealing with power and politics Sarah Coleman
21 Partnering across organizations Adrian Reed
22 Strategic thinking for business analysis Dav Bisessar
Opinion piece: Leading from the middle – a business analyst in television

Part IV: Leadership in the wider world

Introduction to Part IV
23 Business analysis is a leadership role Kevin Brennan
24 Becoming a thought leader Penny Pullan
25 Ethics and fair process James Archer
26 Professionalization and best practice Nick de Voil
Opinion piece: Becoming the change agent Jake Markham
End piece: Integrating business analysis, creativity and play Andrew Kendall

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